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How to submit your app...

  • Create a video of your app or integration in action. You don’t need to worry about production quality—just show us what your app can do! The App Throwdown is a crowd favorite, so so feel free to be as serious or lighthearted as you’d like. 
  • We will update the App Throwdown page with all the entries and will use the info you provide on this form to promote your app. 
  • Choose up to three categories for your app; Mobile, Best Seamless Integration, Data, Information & Analytics, Customer Experience and Engagement, and Beyond CRM. 

A few helpful tips & tricks...

  • Nail your elevator pitch! We’ve limited the pitch to 150 words for a reason—get to what counts. Make sure to articulate how your app helps Sugar users “connect i2i” with their customers.
  • Make your video rock! You’ve got up to three minutes to WOW the judges. Make sure to focus your message and show the good stuff. 
  • Be proud of your differences! Tell us three things that make you unique and truly differentiate your app from everything else on the planet. 

One final note. All submissions must be compatible with and demoed on Sugar 7. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

By submitting an app entry for the App Throwdown, you agree to let SugarCRM use your company name, logo and submitted video for any promotional activity or publicity related to the general business of SugarCRM, without further permission or compensation.

If your app wins, you will receive a branding mark from us designating your win in the app category, which you can display on your website with the understanding that we own all rights to such mark. By clicking the "SUBMIT" button, you agree to the above stated terms.